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08-27-2010, 04:55
hey guys, just got a redfield revolution 4-12x, and i want to try it out on my ar-15. i got some leupold QD rings. i first got the medium height, but that was too low, so go the high. that one fits, but with maybe about 1/4" of clearance from the bottom of the scope to the top of the rail. this is a free-float tube. this won't cause any problems with it kicking up and hitting the scope, correct? i've never shot through a scope before, and would hate to ruin it before i even begin. thanks!

Zak Smith
08-27-2010, 13:09
As long as the scope and float rail are both mounted properly, you only need enough clearance so they don't touch. 1/10th inch is fine. Note that on an AR-15, you need rings with approx 1.4-1.6" rail to scope center height for proper mount height. When the scope is rigidly mounted the rifle moves as a whole unit.

08-27-2010, 13:31
dagnabbit. is that 1.4"1-6" rule a solid one? i think my clearance is slightly less than an inch. will that be a problem?

Zak Smith
08-27-2010, 13:32
Most people cannot see through a scope on an AR-15 if the ring height is less than 1.3"

08-27-2010, 17:29
i tried playing around with where i position my face in relation to the scope. i can shoot it this low, but i'm pretty much ramming my cheekbone into the buffer tube. i don't think having it a few fractions of an inch lower is worth the discomfort. i've returned it and am getting a burris mount. thanks!