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Silent Rip
08-28-2010, 12:29
Hi everyone,
I've got a 2005 G22C serial GSK••• Blue Label (Actually back then it was reddish orange) approximately 5,000+ rounds through her, and the firing pin does NOT rattle. Functions flawlessly, always has.

Here's what I've diagnosed so far:
1) The firing pin safety seems to trap the firing pin and keep it from moving after the trigger has been depressed.
2) If held muzzle up when the trigger is depressed the firing pin is not trapped but still doesn't move as freely as it should. This leads me to believe that the firing pin safety is not fully depressed at the end of the trigger travel.
3) I've swapped all the internal slide parts from my G23 and the trigger bar and the problem stays with the G22. So, I figure it's got to be something in the slide or frame. Possibly a tolerance defect in the frame causing poor fit between the trigger bar and the firing pin safety.

It's not a matter of reliability, as I said it still functions fine, but I'm worried it could become a problem.

08-31-2010, 17:34
Absolutely no worries here.