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08-28-2010, 13:02

Mas Ayoob
08-29-2010, 05:03
-Never wear flip flops. Ever.
-Always have your phone. Always.
-If de-escalating attempts fail and you're unarmed or at a disadvantage (had a last-ditch weapon but still wouldn't have fared well to the reach of his), and you would lose a foot race, WTF then??
-You can't reason with drunk morons.
-If the bystanders weren't there for me to get in front of, I have the distinct feeling I would have been in big **** and lying in the parking lot. What could I have done differently?

And don't say get a CHL. I will. But didn't have one, so this situation happened, and I'm curious what I could have done better.

JRS, I think you've done a very solid job of analyzing the takeaway lessons from this experience.

It's gonna stick in your craw and feel as if you're hiding from him, but I'd avoid this guy (and his lady) for a while. You might want to call the police department and request a copy of the report made by the officer who responded. Any further incidents should be phoned in, and likewise kept track of on your end. If this guy escalates and you end up having to harm him in self-defense, you want a clear paper trail to show he was the harasser/aggressor, and you were the victim/complainant.

You might wish to discuss this with apartment management. It's a two-edge sword: if he gets evicted over this or threatened with eviction, he may blame you and escalate. However, you'll have another paper trail showing yourself to be the Good Guy and him to be the Bad Guy, and his removal by management MIGHT solve your problems. No guarantees, obviously.

Watch your six, and be careful.