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08-29-2010, 14:44
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Ok, I've been promising this review of Speed Sights- speedsight for awhile now to a few members. First, I am not paid by Speed Sight nor have any affiliation with the company.

I am simply always on the lookout for better sighting options for CCW. I do not compete in shooting games nor do I think I ever will. CCW and home defense is my only reason for carrying now that I'm not LEO anymore.

I've been a fan of XS Big Dots for awhile now, but anyone who has shot with them realizes their limitations. They are meant strictly for close in CCW defensive ranges, and they work well in that regard. Extend past CCW distances and they tend to cover the target up too much. One can still make hits past 10 yards or so but I wouldn't trust my skills when the pressure was on and lives were at stake.

Enter the speed sights. Basically the same concept as the Big Dot, highly visible front sight except in a square configuration turned on its side to create a diamond shape. I've wanted to try these sights out and see if they rectified the shortcomings of the Big Dots. So let me get started.
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1. Ordering and delivery<o:p></o:p>
I ordered the sights on a Wednesday and received them on Saturday. No issues on shipping. The sights were packaged well in a padded envelope put into a priority envelope.
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2. Packaging <o:p></o:p>
The sights were packaged well in a small baggie containing each sight. The sight tool (Allen wrench) was also included. Installation instructions were included as well but anyone who's changed out Glock sights should know this by now.

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3. Fit and Finish<o:p></o:p>
I pulled the sights out of their packaging and inspected them. The front and rear were made of metal and machined well. The front sight is painted a day-glo bright orange and the rear is white. The pictures below don't do the front sight justice with just how bright it is. If there is any ambient light at all they just pop out at you. There appeared to be a slight indentation milled into the front and rear sight where the paint was applied. But this area is very shallow and the paint may chip off after wear. Time will tell. The rear fit into the dovetail slot without issue and was secured using a setscrew. It is driftable for windage. The front sight was machined within tight tolerances and a rubber mallet was required to seat it. The sights easily fit into my MTAC holster without issues.
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4. Shooting<o:p></o:p>
This is where the fun begins. First, the rear diamonds are smaller than the front diamond by approximately 1-2mm. The photos don't show this, but I assure you this is the case. I didn’t measure, as it’s not an issue for me. The presentation and sight alignment is surprisingly easy and natural. The sights naturally align themselves and I didn’t have to work at it. I noticed that the rear sights naturally became blurry as I focused on the front sight, which aided acquisition even more. As I thought the rear white diamonds would draw attention away from the front sight but they didn’t.
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These sights work just like Big Dots for acquisition, even quicker in my opinion because the day-glo orange is easier and faster to pick up than just plain white. For 7-10 yard engagements the sights are very quick on target, but now comes in the learning curve. Unlike Big Dots, these sights were actually designed to be able to make refined and precision shots. The tip of the front sight diamond is the aiming point and allows for very precise aiming. The issue I ran into was that I was accustomed to using Big Dots and using the middle of the dot out to 25 yards. Not necessary, these sights use a six o’clock hold with the top of the diamond as the aiming point. This allows for a very precise shot, a benefit over Big Dots in my opinion.
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I ran targets from 7 yards, 10, 25, and a steel plate at 75 yards. Hits where made easily at all distances with some hold over required at 75 yards once I learned the POI/POA of this sight at distance.
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5. Downsides<o:p></o:p>
There always has to be bad with the good well here it is. First, these sights are not tritium sights. The company does have a tritium version but I’ve checked the website for the last 3 months and they’ve never been in stock. I’ve emailed the company about a possible time frame and the company has not responded to my emails.
The front sight is day-glo orange but not a luminescent type sight. As one transitions to darker ambient lighting the front sight washes out just like any other standard sight leaving the front sight almost invisible. Tritium is definitely required for a CCW/Combat handgun.
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6. Upsides<o:p></o:p>
The company has an awesome return policy. You can try the sights out for up to 2 months and if you still don’t like them after 2 months simply return them. The company gives a complete refund including the original shipping charge.
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Price point on these sight was about average for non-tritium sights; the front was $29 and the rear $49 but given the companies refund policy this should ease any misgivings about trying these sights.
If the tritium versions are ever available the company has them listed for $39.50 and $79.50 respectively.
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7. Impressions <o:p></o:p>
I like the sights. I think the concept is sound and I’m one that is willing to try new sights unlike some of the other die-hards out there that believe their style is the only style. If you like XS Big Dots, you’ll like these as well maybe even more. Just be aware that if you’ve shot Big Dots, there will be a learning curve just like any other sight. Too many people put a pair of sights on shoot a few magazines and declare the sights garbage. That is flawed testing in my opinion.

08-29-2010, 15:48
They look good, but i have to have night sights

08-29-2010, 15:52
BWT, I agree. These will only be range sights for now to do some more evaluation with them. If I like them enough and they can get the tritium version back in stock I may throw a pair onto one of my HD guns.

But for my CCW gun, no. Not yet until they have the tritium available.

09-01-2010, 11:36
I just got a set for my Glock 19 with tritium inserts. I got them from Dale Hunicutt of Lone Star Tactical Supply, so far dry fire practice I like them a lot. Taking the gun to the range this weekend to test them, I'll let you know the results. The real test will be IDPA.

09-01-2010, 22:18
Excellent to know that option is there. Are the sights listed on his site the same company, Speedsights?