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08-29-2010, 20:40
Who likes which and why? Lookin for a light for my pistol was wanting some input!

08-29-2010, 21:02
I have two of the TLR-2 light/laser combo. Love them, one on my night stand gun (G17) and one on my Remington 870. Both have held up great. I would buy the "S" model now (strobe) just for the added feature.
Great for doing late night home searches. I like the added laser also. Nice thing about a gun mounted light. If you are rounding up your family into a safe room it does free one arm to carry a child, ect...
Never owned a surefire, but I would buy another TLR tomorrow if I had the need.

08-30-2010, 21:28
See my post here (

Cost analysis might change if you don't need the laser and only want a Surefire light.

08-31-2010, 01:19
My summary of the current line up of LED-based, compact weapon lights...

Very Best: SureFire X200B and X300

Almost Best: Insight XTI Procyon or WX150

Great Value: Streamlight TLR-1 C4

This opinion is based upon direct experience and/or ownership, and a careful review of the features of each light.

All three of the above are great products, with the SureFire being the most hardened of the bunch, and the Insight close behind.

The Streamlight is the least hardened of the three, but it's significantly less expensive too, and offers impressive performance.