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08-31-2010, 12:27
Recently bought a new G35 through GSSF program, so it has the heavier (non "-") connector and fixed sights. Have used three brands of ammo in it and found all to be very accurate, much more accurate than I expected. However, two of the ammo brands used truncated cone bullets, while the third used more of a round shaped bullet with a flat point--Rem UMC yellow box. The gun now has about 400 rounds through it. 250 of the Rem UMC, and 150 of the truncated cones (Fiocchi 170g and another 165 fmjtc load). All 250 Rem UMC fed without a hitch, no failures of any sort. The other rounds, regardless of brand, have at least one failure to feed per magazine. The round typically gets 1/2 way in the chamber and stops, though sometimes it gets almost all the way in. This happens regardless of magazine (5 different ones) or grip. I've even swapped out extractors with my G23 to see if that was the problem, but the same thing still occurs. Breech face is very smooth and clean. I fed the suspect ammo through my G23 and had one round (out of 15) that did not chamber until I reset the trigger, so I'm pretty sure it is the ammo. This problem cannot be duplicated by manually racking rounds through the weapon. Slow, fast, it doesn't matter, it only happens when firing. A local Glock armorer could not find a problem. Glock factory tech support said unfortunately not all guns will fire all ammo reliably. I suppose this is true, but I didn't buy another Glock to wonder what ammo it will or won't feed. What are your thoughts?

08-31-2010, 17:04
Not all Glock pistols feed the same. Find a load and stick with it.
If you are a reloader you should realize: Not all Truncated bullets are created equal. If you insist on shooting a design that does not feed reliably I recommend you first play with the OAL. Going shorter usually resolves the issue. If not, knock down the feed ramp where it enters the chamber.

09-12-2010, 09:20
Thanks, JR. As a follow up, I've found that with Fiocchi 170g FMJ-TC and Georgia Arms 165g FMJ ammo (same bullet profile) my failure rate is 6.2%. With Remington UMC yellow box 180g FMJ, Winchester white box 165g FJM, and Remington 180g JHP, my failure rate is .37%, and those two failures I attribute to wearing gloves when they occurred. I was NOT wearing gloves when any other failures from any brand of ammo occurred.

Almost 17 times more likely to fail with that particular bullet profile than the others I've tried.

Curiously, the Remington yellow box ammo had the widest variation in OAL of all the rounds I sampled, though they also averaged the shortest OAL.

09-12-2010, 10:17
The more rounds you get down range the better it will run

11-27-2010, 20:07
Reviving an old one here. This gun now has 2600+ rounds through it. Today I shot 200 rounds of Georgia Arms 165g FMJ's through it with no failures. These loads previously had a 6.2% failure rate when the gun was new. Statistically I should have had around 12 failures, but I had none. Either I got really lucky, or you're right--the more rounds down range, the better it runs. Anyway, I thought readers would be interested.

12-19-2010, 17:53
All Glock pistols get better, sweeter, more reliable with age (use)!