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09-03-2010, 14:47
I decided to try some of these since I couldn't find Speer's counterpart and they make weired holes in targets. I thought a SWC would cut a clean hole in the target as my LSWC's use to do in this weight but today the holes looked like they had been hit with a 58 cal mini ball. They were very large and "crinkly"looking. I think I've bought my last of these. Fortunately, I only bought 100 to test. I don'thave a pic as I through the targets away. I was surprised that the 230 gr FMJ-FN did a much better job and were very accurate-especially with 8.4 gr of HS-6. Groups ran around an inch and a half at about 10 yards.

09-03-2010, 15:14
No the Hornady FMJ-SWC's don't cut as clean as a hard cast LSWC, it takes a sharp shoulder to do that.
In my USP's I get great accuracy out to 50 yards with the FMJ-SWC's, my best ever 50 yard .45acp groups were with them.
Like they say, one man's meat is another's poison.

09-03-2010, 17:08
We can't use lead bullets at the range I go to so, I figured the TMJ bullets are shaped like a SWC and should fit the ticket but apparently they weren't. I bought them, guess I'll have to shoot them anyway. What I found odd was that in looking at the base of these bullets half showed with lead exposed and the other half didn't? Don't know what the deal is there

09-03-2010, 18:01
Hornady changed the design, they used to have a disc on the back covering the lead, the last box I got had the exposed lead. I'm surprised you got a mixed box.

I can't imagine they were giving you bad accuracy at 10 yards. I also use Rainier plated 200 grain SWC's, plating all around, and there are very good in the accuracy department. But they don't have the sharp shoulder either.

Just curious, why the need for clean cutting ammo at the range?

09-03-2010, 18:42
They weren't' giving bad accuracy-just humongous holes reminiscent of musket balls. The bullets I ordered from Graf and Sons came in a large plastic bag as "bulk"-not in a plastic box. Maybe that why the conglomeration of bases.

The clean cut holes just make for easier "viewing" without it looking like someone put their toe through each hole.:supergrin:

09-03-2010, 18:57
The clean cut holes just make for easier "viewing" without it looking like someone put their toe through each hole.
I hear ya'.
I've never seem a jacketed or plated SWC with a sharp shoulder.
I bought them because I thought they would make a good all around bullets, target and combat if necessary, better than plain ball anyway.

Probably why Hornady calls them FMJ-CT (Combat-Target).

09-03-2010, 20:02
Elijah, I'm wondering if you were seeing an early sign of keyholing, given the descriptive size of the holes made. As a check, next time you go out, place the target further away and see if you get any distinctive keyholes.

09-03-2010, 20:19
Thats pretty much what I was thinking.