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09-03-2010, 15:38
I was curious about the "conversion barrel" idea. I am in the market for a G32 or G33 and was just about to purchase a gen3 G32 with many extras all original parts and a .40S&W barrel from a G23 (I think that is correct, the compact .40 equiv. to the G32) The seller said that if I wanted to shoot .40, I only had to switch out the barrels. My question is, rather questions are; Is this true? Is it just between these two models and calibers? Many have said to buy the .40 compact and get a .357sig conversion barrel. What is the difference? Can this be done with the subcompact platform too? Are there any issues with other chamberings and the .357 platform recoil springs?

The reasoning for buying a .357 platform and not the other way around is that when I carry defensively I want to carry .357sig and all stock parts. (I never want to be on the opposite end of a "he loaded a more potent chambering..etc...)
The conversion to .40 is purely because of it's abundance at the range and overall less cost point.

Also, I have studied many charts on recoil energy and read and heard many people's first person opinions. Is the recoil felt less from the .357 platform than the .40? many describe the .40 as snappy. I have no .40 experience, my experience with G32's is that the recoil is crisp and smooth.

Thanks for the help!

09-03-2010, 15:58
All Glock Gen3 and current 40 S&W pistols will convert to 357 (or vice-versa) with a simple barrel swap. We recommend you use the correct magazine. This will help you avoid accidently shooting the wrong ammo out of the wrong barrel. G27/G33, G23-G32, G22-G31. BTW: LWD also offers 9mm conversion barrels for these same guns.

Recoil is perceptive. Your shooting experience, bodyweight and overall physical condition will determine how you feel about any given cartridge or load. I watched a petite woman (sub 100lbs) shoot a 460 Weatherby multiple times FREEHAND and break clay pigeons at 100 yds! This situation totally dispelled my firm belief the 460W was a mans elephant gun. I can honestly tell you now, its anybody's elephant gun!

If you have any concerns regarding recoil, I highly recommend you visit the local range and try one on for size. You want to know what you are getting into before plunking down any deniro. Oh yah, if you see that same little red head.... Be sure to tip your hat.

09-06-2010, 16:19
Thank You for the reply! I've purchased lone wolf barrels in the past for my .45. that sounds like the solution I was hoping for! You are also right about the "perception" when it comes to the recoil. My go-to bet your life on it tool is the G21sf and that shoots sweeter and more smooth than my subcompact Keltec 9mm.

Good advice, thanks again!