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09-03-2010, 16:04
I thought I posted this yesterday but it didn't seem to go through...here it goes again.

I typically carry a 45, but for 9 millimeter is it ok to use Federal +P Premium HST 124 grain in both 19 & 26 gen. 3? This would just be for SD not range practice. thanks

09-03-2010, 16:59
Glock Inc has changed their opinion several times regarding the use of +P ammunition. I would contact the factory direct to get the latest news.
If you use a Lone Wolf barrel you can shoot +P, +P+ or 9mm major.

Regarding your statement "carry for SD only". I highly discourage it. Any ammunition you decide to carry should be well proven in your gun. You need to be proficient with it and that only comes through practice.

BTW: You didn’t see your original post because it was not approved yet. It was not approved because I did not get to it until today. Be patient, I get to all the posts (eventually)

09-03-2010, 18:29
Thanks for the response. I didn't realize there was a "lag time". Now I understand better. Thanks for enlightening me. Incidently I do practice with the "SD" load, just not as much. I shoot hundreds of Remington 115 gr. FMJ and enough of the SD load to remain proficient. I also practice a lot at different distances from 25' to 75'. When I run out of the current SD loads I may look for something more similar to my practice loads...but with hollow points.
Guess that brings up a question. Based on the load I said I use for practice what would everyone recommend for SD that would function and aim similarly?

09-03-2010, 21:33
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