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09-03-2010, 22:52
Hey Mas,

The MAG40 class last weekend was great. I learned a ton, and it left me with a lot to think about. In about 7 hours we're heading out to the range. Not to practice, but to "train".

Before my M&P 40c malfunctioned and went back in the range bag on Monday (it's back at S&W now), I realized that I wasn't able to get a good crush grip with my CT laser grip on it. That CT is thicker than the medium insert, and the reality is that I probably should be using the small, in order to get the solid grip needed for good recoil control.

So, I think I am going to retire the CT laser. Since the laser is going, I figured I should put some night sights on. My question is whether you've spent any time with the Truglo TFO sights (not sure if anyone else if making combo FO and tritium sights)? I like fiber optics in the daytime, so it seems like a good combination, in theory. Any thoughts on that?

If not the TFO sights, what would you recommend for my M&P 40c and M&P 45c guns? Big dot? Advantage? Standard tritium?

I love the fiber optic front and blacked out rear on my M&P Pro 9, but am not sure that's a good arrangement for a carry gun.

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.


Mas Ayoob
09-05-2010, 19:55
Glad you enjoyed the course, bro. It was good to meet you.

A search here at GT for the TFO sights will turn up users who loved it and users who don't.

On my end, I can say that I love the sight picture and they certainly give you the best of both worlds. I have a set on one of my SIG P226s that works great and has never given me a bit of trouble. On the other hand, the cute little redhead you met at the class has had two of them come off her Glock 34 while shooting matches, one of them the Pennsylvania State Championships a few years ago. Lost the whole front sight at that one, the insert at the other.


Personally, I have big ol' Trijicons on most of my carry pistols, and they do just fine. Still, everyone's eyes are different, and it's worth your while to try different systems.

Good hearing from you,

09-17-2010, 19:28
When I grow up, I hope I shoot as well as the cute little redhead!!

Well, I think I just decided not to mess with anything but standard stuff on my carry pistols. I don't want something that 'might' work when I really need it. I think I'll stick with standard night sights on the carry stuff and consider other for IDPA.

What do you use on your IDPA/competition guns?

Mas Ayoob
09-18-2010, 06:04
Most of my carry pistols have standard Trijicons or equivalent. My current favorite backup, S&W M&P 340, was bought primarily for its sights: Big Dot up front, proportionally humongous U-notch rear, a unique combination that provides speed AND accuracy. It also has a CT laser sight fitted. I'm very pleased with the Scott Warren Tactical night sights on my G31, and the Heinie sights on one of my G17s and one of my 1911s.

Match guns? I've been VERY happy with Advantage Tactical sights on the primary competition Glock I use, a G17. A couple hundred rounds practice gets you to excellent precision accuracy when you need it, but the concept is super fast in close. Advantage Tactical advertises here on Glock Talk and is easy to get to.

On current road trip I have Novak/Trijicons on my carry 1911, an Ed Brown signature model, and the match gun I have with me is a Wilson Combat CQB Elite with big U-notch rear and green fiber optic front. For IDPA shooting, which is mostly daylight, I'm pleased with the speed these give. For me personally, the bright glowing "front dot" of fiber optic in daylight overwhelms the eye a little and makes it difficult for uber-prices sight alignment for pure accuracy shooting, but in the majority of close-and-fast IDPA stages, I do a bit better with the fiber optic front.

Vision is a highly subjective and personal thing, and every shooter needs to try several systems to find which is best for THEM.