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09-03-2010, 22:55
Hi Mas,

what are your thoughts about a Marlin 1894 CSS in .357 Magnum for a home defense long arm? I'm thinking it's simple, robust, 10 shots of .357 and relatively fast to fire.

Mas Ayoob
09-04-2010, 18:38
Makes sense to me.

Only thing you want to watch out for is, lever actions take a good deal longer than autoloaders to learn to fire at high speed. If you're not already acclimated to the lever gun, figure on spending a good bit of dry fire and live fire time getting "up to speed" with it.

If you already ARE pretty quick with a lever action, bear in mind that a home defense gun is often a "pool weapon" that might be used by other members of the household in a life-threatening emergency. If those folks aren't as fast as you -- or aren't as committed to learning to become so -- a semiauto might be a better choice when you take their needs and possible usage into consideration.