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09-08-2010, 16:18
Hello, all! Just wanted to show off my little shotgun project. First of all, I wanted a single shot shotgun & second, I wanted it in .410. Yeah, I know, armchair commandos....I know what Box O' Truth says about the .410, but I know better. This is not a debate among my fellow Glock-o-teers. My wife & I live in a condo and tho I have many other firearms, mainly that stay in my safe, this is one that I can keep by the bedside when we are sleeping at night. I know this gun may seem like overkill for such a small caliber shotty. But H&R's are robust, reliable and cheap. It brings back fond memories of the one I grew up with.
So, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods, forked out a C note for a new Pardner. Brought it home and started building on it the way I wanted it. I hacked off the barrel and took it to Armor Hide Coatings. Devin drilled & tapped the front sight and also the Picatinny rail. He armor coded the barrel only OD green. He recrowned the muzzle. All for around $100. While that was being done, I ordered plastic furniture to replace the existing wood. I also added a trinium mepro front sight bead.
When I bought my gun I knew in my mind's eye exactly what I wanted the gun to look like. It turned out exactly so. To me, it is the perfect condominium/apartment gun. And with the new Federal premium handgun ammo, this combo can prove to be devastating.
Hope you enjoy the pics. Don't flame me too hard!

Big Time
09-08-2010, 16:37
Nice! Looks like it will get the job done for what you need it for.

09-08-2010, 18:50
Always nice when the project comes out how you want it to, without any surprises! --Rob

09-08-2010, 18:55
Pretty cool -- I admire some folks' ability to optimize and maximize their available hardware.

If it works for you, and you feel comfortable and well-schooled in its use, I say great! :cool:

Nice photos also, by the way!