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09-09-2010, 18:35
Hello all,

What would be the interesting places to visit in Cebu these days? Last time I was there was during the early 90s.

This would be a family vacation with my parents, my wife and 11 yr old son and two of my nephews.

I'm primarily thinking of Mactan and seeing places anything related to Lapu-lapu. Plus all the best eating places there (matatakaw kasi mga kasama ko, me included, hehe).

09-09-2010, 20:31

There's a japanese noodle house which i LOVE... Kamuchi or something.. its near Sarosa hotel... Abuhan's Pochero.. if you don't have high blood issues, Junjun and Malou's BBQ seems to be good if you into the BBQ thingy... Ching Palace for Chinese food(although ive had better sa Binondo :P), a LOT of restos at Ayala Terrace.. resto to the max there.. if you havnt tried Sunburst.. try it. you'll be glad you did :P BEST fried chicken for me :P

I'd stay a night at a hotel at Mactan.. maybe imperial if you nephews are into the water slide thing, but Shangri-la if you like just chillin and enjoying the view. Beach is nice too :P but the ambiance is soooo relaxing. SOTOKIL near at shangrila din and the Lapu2x shrine.. choose your seafood and they'll cook it for you the way you like it.. yum2x. uhm.... TOPS?? go there night time.. pretty high up.. cool night time cityscape of Cebu. uhm... what pa.. Sto. Nino church.. when i have time. i go there to pray. its a VERY old church. Heart of the former business district din.

Hope this helps.. miss that place.. :crying:

09-10-2010, 01:46
baka makalimutan mo lechon,
try abuhan uno before they close, i think they close down in a week. best pochero or bulalo. larsian for cowboy style bbque if your stomach is not that picky. yes that jap place near sorosa is good trythe yakiniku thre too. puro food trip pa lang to, others can chime in on the other stuff cebu has to offer, ako kasi puro kain lang dun,

09-10-2010, 10:26
Thanks so much, mga bros!

That TOPS sounds like an interesting place to go as well as Sotokil. Will probably not spend much time on Ayala malls since we have plenty of those here in Luzon. Will try to squeeze in the itinerary on a 3-day weekend.

09-10-2010, 13:14
I wonder if the Tambuli beach resort is still there? They had this boat which had glass underneath for non-divers to enjoy looking at deep water creatures

09-10-2010, 18:31
SuToKil for the win.

Kaiser Soze
09-10-2010, 20:01
SuToKil for the win.

YEAH! I miss their version of adobong pusit, its sauce is so good, it'll make you want to lick the plate after!

For a good pork fix, go to Lighthouse at the Gaisano mall. It's a bit touristy, but the lechon de leche is really really good.

09-11-2010, 06:57
If you're a bachelor, matutuwa ka sa dami ng chicks sa Cebu! =)

09-11-2010, 15:17
YEAH! I miss their version of adobong pusit, its sauce is so good, it'll make you want to lick the plate after!

For a good pork fix, go to Lighthouse at the Gaisano mall. It's a bit touristy, but the lechon de leche is really really good.

Hey... lechon's the one thing I ALWAYS miss out on when in Cebu.

Attention Cebu residents and frequent visitors:
Any tips on places to score some of the "best pork on the planet"?
Directions, hours, prices, parking issues, etc?

Hey, it's all for my good friend DragonEye!

09-11-2010, 18:46
Bro.. nothing beats a whole pig :P heheheh.. you should order one nalang, pick it up or have it delivered :P

CnT or Mrs. Kang(not sure sa spelling) are VERY good :)

09-11-2010, 21:21
Thanks for tips, please keep 'em comin'. =)

As for the pork, I'm sure the my family will enjoy any tips about the best place for lechon. It's just that I haven't eaten pork in 20 years. =D. Seafood and steak though, now that's another story.

How about places to shop? I mean the local homegrown stuff, where should one go?

09-11-2010, 21:31
hhmm.. local stuff.. food??

I'd go near sto nino church area.. malapit dyan ang UHM Hardware.. the Masi there beats any masi. yeah.. im bias.. but ask other people around.. its a specialty there. and the Otap place.. malapit din.. forgot the name.. uhm... fill in Cebuboy. may Pasalubong center near there.

If you like.. mango avenue.. meron din.. near Mangosquare.. may jollibee.. in front of it. it has that otap/rosquillos place :) love the Otap.. not good for me.. coz once i start.. i cant stop :) hahahahah

not a fan of native stuff though.. so food lang. Dangit bulad bro :P sarap2x.. again.. not good for me. i eat too many rice when thats the ulam :) hahahah

09-13-2010, 22:36
I've been to Tops only in the daytime, but my former boss says that the view is exquisite at night.

If you want quick lechon to take back to Manila, the CNT kiosks like the one at Ayala mall sell pre-chopped lechon to go.

As to the night life, I can't help you there... there are others who are in a better position to know... but there's a reason why my colleagues here always jump at the chance to go on official business in Cebu.

Dang, this makes me miss Cebu even more...

09-14-2010, 01:04
ongkera street should be visited at night. If your a bachelor lol!!

09-14-2010, 08:34
you can also try visit taboan market for dried fish, danggit, pusit, tuyo, fishtapa, fishtinik, and others.

09-14-2010, 08:45
ongkera street should be visited at night. If your a bachelor lol!!

ahihihi, I really would not recommend going to that place, you'll never know what you might take back home from there . :supergrin:

09-15-2010, 21:30
hahahah ikaw talaga Jason.. naughty2x.

But seriously... even when i was in college.. that place scares me :) hahahah

we use to play really2x late sa 64MB cafe(counterstrike).. which is near there. Not a good idea to slow down, kasi daming "pimps" hahahah.. you get mobbed :) hahahah.

But there are "other places" hahahaha :)

09-15-2010, 21:52
Last time I was in Junquera (at night) was in the late 80s... scary place. I wonder where my colleagues were taken to when they were there on OB, they were most pleased.:supergrin:

I made the mistake of checking in at Sogo for one night (by myself! I was given a discount card) and there was this bugaw always following me around till I turned around and asked him coldly what was his problem.

Ahh, Cebu... my heart really ached when our plane passed by Bogo in the north last December and I could identify my old stomping grounds.

09-16-2010, 04:36
dati kuha ako ng 2 lagi duun kasi ganda ng price hehehe. sana nasa tamaing idad na sila.boink boink