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Big Time
09-10-2010, 02:04
Next month I go for an appt. with mental health thru the VA.My question is,Can I lose my carry permit if I'm found diagnosed with PTSD? Or something along the lines of mental health issues? I heard a rumor that I can lose my carry permit once VA diagnoses me with a mental disorder from combat,I can"t see myself going out in public without my lucky charm.I heard it would be reported to Homeland Security and they would take action.
Thanks fellow vets

one eye joe
09-28-2010, 18:17
Don't sweat it. I think you'll be fine. Lots of guys I know in several states have not had a problem. Sad state of affairs when we combat vets have to worry about BS like this. Thanks for your service, and welcome home, bro.

The Maggy
09-30-2010, 16:25
Unless you are involuntarily committed to a hospital for psych reasons or your doctor deems you to be a threat to society, nothing will happen to your 2A rights. Don't worry about losing your gun, worry about working out your issues; I have yet to see someone get stripped of their 2A rights over PTSD.

The only way the VA is going to discuss your diagnosis with any other government office is if you go in and tell them that you are planning an attack on some place or that you are planning to kill someone, beyond that you have the same confidentiality that you would with any other doctor in private practice.