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09-11-2010, 19:57
I just purchased a Glock 26, with adjustable rear site. The owner's manual has no info concerning the adjustment for windage and elevation. They do, however provide an adjustment tool. I was trying to raise the point of impact, and when turning the adjustment screw, it seems that there are no "clicks" in the adjustment. Also, it seems that the sight insert just moves up and down as you continue to turn the screw. It doesn't move up and stop or down and stop. It seems to move in a continuous up and down motion while you are turning the screw. Is this normal? Will the friction hold the adjustment for elevation, or should there be clicking as I turn the screw? This is my fifth Glock, but the first with the adjustable rear site. Thanks for your help.

09-12-2010, 10:49
You have a cheap plastic sight. There is no "click" to contend with.
The insert does move up and down, stop the adjustment when it is in the up position and test fire.