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09-12-2010, 14:11
Good afternoon,

Curious to know your thoughts on the topic above.

I am considering right now the Burris AR-332 which looks like a decent 3x, that should let me use "see through" rings to use the irons as needed as well.

It looks like the Millet DMS-1 might be a good contender too, but I'm not sure the eye relief.

Alternatives I've considered, in case I'm missing something obvious: Leopold or Burris scout scope look good too, (2.5x or 2.75x respectively) But I like the AR-332 reticle and illumination, and I'm leery of needing to have "the perfect positioning" to get a good view- I'm not sure how "forgiving" the eye relief is on these.

1x red dot plus pivoting 3x magnifier approach- The problem with these, it seems to me unless I'm missing something about how this works, is that even with a small dot, like 2moa, once you magnify it you'll have a huge dot that defeats the purpose of the magnification by subtending too much of the target. Am I missing something here? It seems like this might work really well for a 200-250 yard rifle, but past that, a 6 moa (magnified) dot is just too big to be useful.

Is there holographic sight/reticle/magnifier combo that might work as desired? Maybe a 1 moa center dot surrounded by a larger ring, and ideally marked with crosshairs and stadia/dots for range estimation? My goal here is something that remains handy and quick at short range, but can hit accurately (infantry sized targets) out to 500 yards or so if needed.

Budget-wise, I'd be o.k. spending a bit more than the AR-223 or DMS-1 for something that really does the job both of a red-dot for close range, head up, fast acquisition (so it also needs to be "forgiving" in terms of eyerelief/mount to shoulder & cheek weld) and also low magnification (3x to 4x) precision out to 500 yards.... I can probably handle $500 or so if it covers both those niches. Alternatively, if there is a setup that does what I'm talking about really well with a holo-sight and magnifier or something, but is out of my budget for now, feel free to let me know... Maybe I can swing the holosight for now, and get the magnifer down the road, or something like that.


09-13-2010, 06:17
Your mission requirements make me think the Trijicon scopes are your best bet while out of your price range in the long run they will do everthing you want them to do and then some.

09-13-2010, 07:29
Woof. Spendy. So, it sounds like my interpretation of magnified red dots is correct? 3x mag yields 3x dot size?

Does anyone make a "quality, but non-professional" level ACOG?

Thanks again!

09-15-2010, 11:59
You can try looking out at E-bay I hate to say it but in these hard economic times people are selling good stuff at great prices.