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Jon Christopher
09-13-2010, 04:47
I have an older 870 12g from 1991. It has the metal trigger group and the police extractor. I bought it used, so I will assume it may or may not be stock. I ordered a couple more extractors from a major online retailer. One of the extractors I ordered looked just like the one on my 1991 870. The other looked slightly different. You can see the difference when the parts are installed. The slightly different one looks like they skipped a bit of machining. I don't have a way of posting a picture at this time, but the machining that is missing on the one appears to smoothen out the angles of the extractor so it doesn't hit the reciever when the pump is operated. More of a rounded appearence when viewing the portion of the extractor that you can see when it is installed.

Hope this makes sense. If not, I will work with my wife on trying to photograph it.

Did they change the design of the non-mim extractor?



09-13-2010, 12:12
Jon - I am not sure I understand. I posted an issue with these on calguns.net. go over and read that and if that is the issue then the way to resolve it is in that post.
Nothing has changed except the solid steel ones are not being machined correctly and need to be returned or if you want to you can fix it. Call me at 231-690-0954 and I can tell you how. I have been having this issue for over a year now and it takes me about 15 minuts to correct it. Problem is that I have to do hundreds a year so this is eating up a lot of my time. I can say that Remington seems to have resloved the issue and I have my fingers crossed that it is over. In fact anyone having a steel extractor in the last year check it and if it is squared off and not tappered to conform to the bolt, check inside the receiver for a scratch.. That is the issue. Anyone can call and I can tell them how to correct this.

Jon Christopher
09-13-2010, 15:24
That is exactly the problem I am talking about. Just didn't know how to describe it. I looked it up on calguns.net. I will contact you directly through your website. Thanks again!


**I have sent you an E-mail through your website address. Also, the two extractors I ordered were from Brownells. One was perfect, just like the one from my 20 year old 870. The other looked like they missed some steps. I plan on sending back the bad extractors to remington and hopefully they will replace them and i can keep them in my parts kit. I can see that the mim's work well, but it just looked like the fit of the machine extractor fit the bolt a lot better.

09-13-2010, 18:21
I e-mailed you back and gave you the Remington parts number. I have been swamped with orders for new weapons and a major contract for rebuilding some 870 for a Federal Agency and I am worried about my small parts inventory. Give Remington a call and order them or try to return the defective ones. That is faster then waiting on me getting my inventory done ( damn NFL took up a whole day of mine) and then ordering and getting my order in.

Jon Christopher
09-13-2010, 18:30
If I order the extractors from Remington, will they be the ones that have the correct machining, or the ones that are cut square?



09-27-2010, 17:30
I just replaced my MIM 870 extractor with:


Remington F16176

Extractor 12/16/20, NON-MIM

Is this good too go?