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filthy infidel
09-13-2010, 17:40
Riddle me this folks- my neighbor hired me to take a look at her HP mini 110 netbook- she had obviously gotten the 'personal security' bug and I found over 400 bugs, lots of trojans, Rogues, etc. I ran Superantispyware and got another 200 or so bugs- her husband hadn't set up any antivirus after warranty...
So I go into the machine to tune it, but it won't connect to Windows Update, won't update Avast, won't connect to any wireless networks, only goes online with Firefox, etc. So I tell her the registry is corrupt and the best thing to do is to wipe it and reinstall. No big deal, she has just some personal docs on it.
I back up her data. I scanned it with Magicaljellybean AND Belarc Advisor- they both come up with the same XP home edition key. The green tag is completely obliterated. I have just about every OEM XP disc, but not HP. I have used a Gateway OEM disc on several HPs in the past, with no problems. I converted it to a USB stick and load away. Everything is going fine, except the XP key is coming back unauthorized. I went online with the manual key system and get told to call HP, who kindly offers to send me recovery discs at S+H. That's fine, but then I'd have to reload the whole shebang (and charge for it). So I decline and call Windows. Punja Pateeb and I are talking, and the line goes fuzzy and disconnects. Punja, my furry curry friend, never calls me back. So I call back and get her sister Nenja Pateeb, she and I talk longer, she tells me to take a picture of the Windows tag and fax it to a number, that I'll get word in 72 hours. Shortly after, my dear Nenja and I are disconnected, she never called back. So I took a nice hi res of the sticker, explained my plight in writing, and faxed the data to the mother ship.
It seems odd to me that two separate key finders report the same wrong key. If my customer has to pay, what's the going rate for an XP key these days?

09-13-2010, 17:49
Is it possible the OEM key is fine, but the version of XP you're attempting to install is wrong?

For instance, were you using a SP2 disk and using an SP3 key, or vice versa?


filthy infidel
09-13-2010, 18:43
IGF that holds water- I used a Gateway XP Home SP1 disk, the netbook is probably a year old so perhaps issued with SP2....

Sgt. Schultz
09-13-2010, 22:01
Usually the product key used by an OEM to install XP is a generic key and not the product key on the sticker, which is needed/used for re-installations.


09-13-2010, 22:57
Usually the product key used by an OEM to install XP is a generic key and not the product key on the sticker, which is needed/used for re-installations.

This is true, but I have had instances where the 4th OEM disk won't do it...

Not sure that anyone is selling XP anymore...

That would really stink to get stuck like that.

09-14-2010, 00:38
Not sure that anyone is selling XP anymore...

Seriously? It's all over the place. I just got a copy recently. In fact, here it is at Amazon.

Patrick Graham
09-14-2010, 05:37
I got lucky with a Gateway laptop I was working on. I thought the license key on the sticker was unreadable but I was able to recover the numbers by taking a picture and manulipating the brightness and contrast settings in Photoshop.

Sgt. Schultz
09-14-2010, 05:44
Seriously? It's all over the place. I just got a copy recently. In fact, here it is at Amazon. I agree, you can even get it at Newegg and Tiger Direct.

09-14-2010, 06:02
I agree, you can even get it at Newegg and Tiger Direct.

Yup, XP is still selling pretty well. I think part of it is, Vista was so bad, folks have been leery about 7. Strange people are going that route though, since it's only going to be supported until 2014.

filthy infidel
09-14-2010, 09:54
Well, it activated overnight??

I left it online to continue with updates, I just took it downstairs to deliver to the customer and !XP is activated!???

So is IGF's thoughts on SP status why- it achieved current SP3 overnight and the key worked, or did some kind soul at MS get my fax and activate remotely?

Anyway, all good here!

09-14-2010, 17:30
LOL, I had an HP7955, when I got it from the factory brand new, it wouldn't boot up, come to find out after calling CS, they put the two memory chips side by side, got that fixed and she ranf fine for a while, then 2 years later, it all came crashing down. I purchased the machine with a 3 year next day in home warranty from HP. We came to the conclusion that the machine needed a new motherboard, power supply and hard drive so they told me they'd send it all via fedex and when I got it to call and schedule a tech to come by. Well, it all arrived along with the restore cd's that they didn't include when purchased. Wrong CD's, they sent out CD's 5 times until they finally got it right, after all this I finally called to schedule a tech to come out and do the repairs, at this time Mr. India tells me my machine is no longer under warranty, so I tell him he's wrong as I have the papers showing I'm good for three years from purchase, so I fax these to him and eventually schedule a tech but for 20 days later, to which I said I had next day warranty, after being on hold for 30 min he comes back and says tomorrow. So tomorrow comes and the tech replaces the MB, and power supply but they'd sent the wrong hard drive, they sent me a 120gig IDE when I needed a 120gig SATA, so they had to fedex it over night and the tech came back and eventually got everything running, at which point, I found that HP didn't include the NIS software, nor the MS-Works 8.5 nor the Roxio, nor the Corel photoshop that I purchased with the system. After much argument and faxing my purchase order to NY, they finally sent me an email telling me to buy the software and fax them the reciepts and they'd pay me via fedex next day, which they did.

I sold the computer the day after I got the check for the software. Now I'm running a Dell XPS Intel i7, 8gig ram, 1tb hdd, 2gig video card and it not only came with dvd's of all the software I bought with it, but with dvd's of Win7 Pro 64, with tech support in the US no less.