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09-14-2010, 18:12
The ballistics on the .45super look pretty hot. The 1911 I might convert is a Springfield mil-spec. I'm planning on using it for back-up while hunting and primary while hiking (carried much and shot little).

What are the pros and cons? What do I need to do it? Can I do this myself? What about ammo availability? How hard will this pound the slide and frame?

Any info would be appreciated.



09-14-2010, 22:21
Take a look at 460 Rowland. It has quite a bit more power than 45 super and is a top end kit for a 1911. Clark Custom Guns makes the kit. If you reload 45 ACP everything but the brass and the charge is the same. It also will not chamber in a 45 ACP chamber so no kaboom. Here is what mine look like on a Dan Wesson Pointman 7.

09-15-2010, 04:34
What can the 460 Rowland do that the 44mag cant?? Try finding 460 Rowland ammo! On a full size 1911, you're basically looking at changing to heavier springs, shok-buffs and possibly an EGW non-radiused firing pin retainer. You want to keep the super seperate from standard 45acp, but in the event that you chamber and fire a super round, it wont "explode", lol. The 45 Super operates at very low pressures(25,000cup) compared to the 9mm, 40,etc. You could buy a nice 44 mag wheelgun for the price of a fitted Rowland conversion.

09-15-2010, 05:28
The conversion is actually not very expensive and does not require fitting, at least in most cases. IIRC around $300. No question about the 44 Mag Wheel gun and being a great option if you like wheel guns. Reloading is necessary but Georgia Arms and Cor Bon both make ammo too. The Cor Bon is quite pricey.

09-15-2010, 08:54
I'm sure the Rowland is a great weapon. I'm interested in a 45super conversion...any ideas or advice?

it looks like .45super-man had some ideas about the .45super sandwiched between comments about the .460? Can you give me anything what # springs, etc?



09-16-2010, 20:13
Ace helped me convert my Springfield a looong time ago. PM if you would like details, but basically look at all the info about building up a 10mm in 1911. It's pretty much the same (heavier recoil spring, heavier firing pin spring, flat but slightly relieved firing pin stop, etc)

My favorite load was 185gr XTP @ 1400fps, although it (or me) was more accurate at 1200fps.

Is this for frequent or common use? If you are going to shoot it a lot in addition to all the basics I would recommend replacing (and fitting) the stock hammer and sear. They definitely wore. Your slide is lowered and flared, yes? A must IMO, if you do this you can probably skip the extended ejector and heavy duty extractor. Is SA still using two piece barrels? I have no hard info on them, but I replaced mine for a one piece Colt. You should be able to get them for under $100, need to be fit of course. Again, this is not if you are going to shoot a lot of 45 Super. If you are I would gut it and replace it all with bar stock parts.

The big advantage of the 45 Super is that you can shoot interchangeably with 45ACP if you don't go too crazy with the loads you want. Ammo can be purchased from Buffalo Bore, and DoubleTap makes 45ACP loads that are pretty close to entry level 45Super. Wear faster? Heck yeah but a lot more punch!