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09-15-2010, 04:41
A while back, I got a 9mm barrel for my G32 to permit cheaper practice. It runs like am absolute top, even with the cheap 115gr WWB loads. I have encountered one issue, however - the slide almost never locks open on an empty magazine. I have had this problem with both 115gr WWB and Winchester NATO ball ammo. The NATO spec stuff will lock open SOMETIMES, but not very often.
Is there a difference in recoil spring weight between the .357SIG and 9mm? If so, is it enough of a difference to cause the failure to lock open. The 9mm G19 mags I am using are brand new, so I doubt it is an issue with the magazines, and (as far as I know, as I got the gun used) it still has the factory recoil spring installed.

09-15-2010, 21:42
The recoil spring is the same for 9/40/357 pistols. The problem is with the ammo. This weak 115 gr stuff is hardly working. It lacks sufficient power to blow the slide back far enough to lock.
I recommend you reduce the spring weight to 15/13/11
Here are a few choices if Guide Rods
Here are the springs