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09-15-2010, 14:55
Just downloaded and installed the latest Windows XP update. When I restart as instructed now the computer won't boot. Black screen, no error message, no beeps, keyboard light does not come on, no signal to monitor, a couple USB items do light up. I do hear the fans power up and I believe the hard drive is spinning. Put in my windows cd to try and boot from it but no go. Tried an MS Dos floppy but no go. This is my work computer and I will be screwed if you guys can't get me going. Was working perfect prior to the update and restart. Thanks

Dalton Wayne
09-15-2010, 14:58
Check your ram chips I know it's a long shot

09-15-2010, 15:02
Ok cancel the panic, its running again. I wiggled all the cable connections and ram and now I am back up. That was scary!

09-15-2010, 15:03
Long shot but I think you nailed it Dalton. Good call.