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09-16-2010, 15:48
I am very glad I bought bear safes with my two new cameras. Went to check on a cam today that had been chewed, licked and clawed. 11 gauge steel box kept the camera safe :D The master lock python cable has some teeth marks but survived as well :smt003

09-18-2010, 00:00
Very interesting, that's the same scene where the buck showed up later in the morning. Did you bait the area? What attracted the bear to your camera, some scent or maybe your body oils?

09-18-2010, 18:45
Pretty sure bears have some attraction to plastic. We hid several roll up plastic sleds on top of a mountain near this area several years ago. We wanted to use them in the future to drag deer and bear with. When we went back to get one after shooting a bear we found that the bears had dug them up and chewed them to bits.

This is a low saddle on top of a 3,000 foot ridge. Deer and bear use it all the time to cross. During the time the pictures were being taken there was a ton of acorns being dropped. I also dropped some scent where they are stopping every time I went back to check on the cam, hoping to get them to stop.