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09-18-2010, 18:17
( dell 1100 INSPIRON laptop ) when i hit the u it will put a 4 and if i hit a i get a 5 .. how do i get this to go away .. my kids got a hold of it now .. I have this to deal with they done it one other time and a guy on here told me what to press but i can't think what he told me now .. that was last year :embarassed: thank guy's for the help !!!
i'm on a desk top and not the laptop thank god for both :wavey:

09-18-2010, 20:05
perhaps, the number keypad has been enabled.

if it has, you should see a newly lit led in the area between the top of the keyboard and the bottom of the screen that looks like a 9 with a box around it.

if that's the case, then, according to the manual, you can press the Fn key and the F11 key at the same time to disable it.

the manual for your laptop is available from Dell here:

09-19-2010, 08:50
that done it !!!!! thanks

09-19-2010, 16:37
If I had a nickel.....