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09-18-2010, 21:37
How good are the American Firearms Manfactoring Co's lowers. Picked up a completed pistol lower in 5.56 for 245.00 is it a deal or a dude. Appears the lower has never seen an attachment and looks good.


09-18-2010, 22:21
completed as in lower parts kit, buffer tube, spring and buffer?
$245 isn't a bad deal. most lowers are made by 8-10 larger companies that have a variance from BATF to manufacture the receivers for smaller companies. I have never seen a AFM receiver but since they are in Utah 30 miles west of SL I would take a SWAG and say LAR/Grizzly machined them. Not the best not the worst.

09-18-2010, 22:53
has the tube and LPK already istalled. Kinda worried about the "not the best not the worst though".

09-18-2010, 22:57
Is there a way I can tell if its a LAR/Griz lower or is the roll stamp just the thing. Also will it last if its a lar/griz?. it looks good, no tool marks and clean finish.

09-19-2010, 20:51
If it looks good to you then I wouldn't worry about it.
The only time I have ever seen one break was from a knucklehead working on one with a big hammer.