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09-19-2010, 04:25
I've been pondering the idea of the 200WFNGC in the 20 but the price is in? Locally I buy the 200XTP-HP for $21/100 otd, prices for the GC hardcast are much higher.


09-19-2010, 11:08

.95 more + shipping, no big deal.

09-19-2010, 11:29
I googled "hard cast bullet cost"
here's a couple of quotes from the first relevant site I came up with:

Most bullet companies use the common bullet mixture of 2% Sn (tin) 6% Sb (antimony) and 92% Pb (lead). The Bullet Works chose to use a different mixture of 2%Sn (tin) 8%Sb (antimony) and 90%Pb (lead) in order to get a special mixture

Alloying these two expensive metals with lead quickly raises the cost of the bullets, therefore most companies choose to use the cheaper alloy.

09-19-2010, 12:14
Gas Checks are running premium prices as well!

One word! Guberment!
Inflate all prices, which in turn raises taxes accordingly! Higher price = Higer taxes!

Doesn't take a geniass to figure this one out!!!

09-19-2010, 15:05
[QUOTE].95 more + shipping, no big deal.[/QUOTE

was just curious as to why a copper jacketed lead bullet was cheaper than a lead bullet, after looking at current market values for metals I see why. Tin is $10+/lb, antimony is $10+/lb and copper $3/lb.

09-20-2010, 11:12
Gas Checks are running premium prices as well!

One word! Guberment!
Inflate all prices, which in turn raises taxes accordingly! Higher price = Higer taxes!

Doesn't take a geniass to figure this one out!!!

I would think the copper gas check would be the most expensive part.

09-21-2010, 01:37
First off most let me explane that most jacked bullets use pure or mostly pure lead inside there boolit. Also there is really not a supper huge market for ready to buy cast boolits. As most people that like cast boolits and have seeped away from jacked bullets cast there one boolits. I will just come out and say it. I do not shoot jacked boolits in my glock 10mm any more and have not in quite sometime. There have been some exceptions but its not often. I do one 2 boxes of 200gr XTP's as I spotted them and thought what the heck. If you think buying cast boolits is expensive then its time for you to start casting your own boolits. I will break Dow the cost for you so you can actually see what it costs. I cast my boolits from recycled tire weights, more well known as WW. I buy them from tire shops for a whopping $15 for a full 5gal bucket. This bucket will yield around 120-150+ pounds of lead. Now this leading.not pure lead like what's found in jacked bullets. WW lead is actually an alloy that will get as hard as you or most any one would ever want. So let's just say I only got 100 pounds of lead for 15 bucks, let's to the math. There is 7000gr in a pound, 7000gr x 100lb / 200 gr boolit = 3500 boolits for 15 bucks. Does that sound better as price. I only shoot 200gr boolits, this alowes me to work up very very accurate loads. I'm usually holding around 1" groups at 25 yards off hand with my good loads. Now I have found that if I push the boolits supper hard I get little rings of lead in the bottom of the chamber which after 5 or so rounds needs to ne cleaned out. But that's.when I'm pushing a kinda soft boolit at 1400 fps. At 1200-1300 fps orgy run like a champ. But if you want a gas check which there are advantages to one in some cases. Like if I was just shooting 1100-1200 fps loads for plinking then a gas check is not needed. But if your really pushing max PLUS or running with a comp then a bc could be a good idea. I shoot with a custom titanium comp that only has vertical chambers. After about 1500-2000 rounds my comp was so full of lead the boolits where starting to hit the lead build up. It was a easy clean but has caused me to redesign my 200 gr boolit with a gas check for when I really want to push it. So I will give you the price of 10mm gas checks, you will pay 24 bucks per 1000 checks. Not bad at all if I do say so my self. To be honest I'm not knocking double taps cast at all but I am able to get much better accuracy with my cast boolit. I hope this has maybe helped you think about casting. It make shooting so much more fun.

09-21-2010, 07:51
Shipping is very expensive...Guberment lost too much money because of internet/e-mail. They are bailing out the other services UPS & Fedex so again inflated prices...
The Guberment will get theirs every time screw "We the People"