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09-21-2010, 11:24
I'm looking for a new (used) hunting rifle and have been itching to get a Winchester Model 70 (pre '64) Featherweight. I found two that look pretty good on Cabela's. One is in .30-06 and the other is .270. The .30-06 is going for $1,800 without a scope. The .270 is $1,400, with scope, but there's a 1/4" hack mark on the back side of the stock (see pic below). Metalwork is very clean on both and both have the controlled feed, 3-position safety, etc., that I'm looking for. If I get the .30-06 I would buy a 3-9 x 40 scope, which would bump up the price tag by $400 or so. This will be a hunting rifle - mostly deer and boar but possibly larger game (elk) as well.

What's the better buy?

.30-06 (http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/content/community/gun_inventory/inventory/wheeling/win_rifle/1821935_win70ftwt_whe.jsp?hierarchyId=11931): $1,800 w/o scope


Winchester Model 70 Featherweight (Pre 64) .30-06 SPRG.

Cal./Gauge: .30-06 SPRG.
Barrel(s): 22"
Weight: 7 LB
Sights/Scope: Hooded Bead Front-Flip Up Rear
Trigger(s): Original
Stock: Checkered Walnut Pistol Grip
Stock Dimensions: 13 5/8" LOP
Butt/Pad: Checkered Aluminum Butt Plate
Metal Condition: Excellent
Wood Condition: Very Good
Bore Condition: Excellent
Manufacture Date: S/N 43XXXX

This Pre 64 Model 70 Featherweight is in very good condition. Wood shows only minor hunting marks, and floorplate has carry wear to edges. Bore and blue are excellent!

.270 (http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/content/community/gun_inventory/inventory/wheeling/win_rifle/1848256_win70_whe.jsp;jsessionid=T1Q3UYAAQ0JCBLAQBBJCCNVMCBYFGIWE?_requestid=128384): $1,400 w/ scope


<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=606 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=normal width=450>
Winchester Model 70 (Pre 64) Featherweight .270 Win.

</TD></TR><TR><TD>http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/images/spacer.gif</TD></TR><TR><TD class=bullet width=450>Cal./Gauge: .270 Win
Barrel(s): 22"
Weight: 8 lbs
Sights/Scope: Flip Up Rear / Hooded Bead Front, Weaver K-10 Optic
Trigger(s): Original
Stock: Checkered Walnut PG
Stock Dimensions: 13 1/2" LOP
Fore End: Checkered Walnut
Butt/Pad: Checkered Aluminum
Metal Condition: Excellent
Wood Condition: Very Good
Bore Condition: Excellent
Manufacture Date: s/n 37XXXX

</TD></TR><TR><TD>http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/images/spacer.gif</TD></TR><TR><TD class=normal vAlign=top width=450>Very clean original Pre-64 Winchester 70 Featherweight. Rifle shows only light hunting use with some blue wear to footplate edges. Wood has very light hunting marks. Bore is excellent, complete with weaver K-10 optic.


Thanks! :wavey:

09-21-2010, 15:39
Cabelas really jacks up the price on used guns. I would probably look elsewhere. That said, i like the 270, but an aught 6 is a better caliber for elk, in my opinion of course.

09-21-2010, 17:37
Thanks. I've also been checking gunbroker, guns international, etc. There are a load of pre-'64s out there, but quality is spotty.

09-22-2010, 10:12
I think the .270 with the old Weaver K10 is a better buy.

But a fixed 10X scope is way to much power for a general purpose hunting rifle. You should probably swap it out anyways.

09-22-2010, 12:48
I agree on the fixed 10X scope. A variable is much more useful.

I'm also looking at a new Sako 85 in 6.5 x 55. I've heard nothing but good things about this round.

09-23-2010, 03:42
I agree buying used is a fine idea, plenty available in great condition, hardly shot. You could get a much more pristine rifle for much cheaper if you wanted. I'd look over some of the high traffic gun forums for a private sale.

09-23-2010, 09:46
I think I'm going to pass on both. A brand new Win 70 in .30-06 can be had for $1,100, and it has all the main features I'm looking for that existed in the pre 64 variants.

Sourdough - Good idea. I'll check it out.

09-23-2010, 14:33
I have a pre-64 M70 feather weight in .270 Win. It's a classic rifle in a classic caliber. That said, I have other rifles that will out shoot it. Hell, even my 788's will out shoot it. But, my 788's will out shoot many rifles...

IIWY I'd look at an older M700 Rem - I like the old ADLs with the cut checkering. They shoot very well - but no floor plate. The BDLs have the floor plate - but I like the ADL better.

Also, Thompson guarantees their $500 rifle to shoot 1MOA right out of the box. You could buy a .243 for deer and a 7mm Mag for elk, scope them both and still have less than the cost of one of those M70's with a new scope. Just my two cents.

Whatever you do, good luck with it.

09-23-2010, 20:01
Those are very nice Model 70s that I'd like to have....at half the price. The .30-06 would be a good elk rifle. I've been looking for a nice one but I'd sooner buy a new rifle for that price which would also be lighter by a pound or more. The .270 with the old 10x Weaver would work great for hunting pronghorn.

09-24-2010, 10:01
Thanks guys.

Do you have any recommendations, new or used, for a solid, reliable, versatile .30-06 for deer/elk?

If you could only have one rifle, in .30-06, what would it be?

I'm looking at the Remington M700 Mountain LSS (http://www.realguns.com/Commentary/comar156.htm) and the Win M70 Featherweight (good comparison at Chuck Hawks (http://www.chuckhawks.com/compared_rem700_win70.htm)), or Super Grade, but would like to get some other opinions.