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09-21-2010, 16:19
Anyone ever see a Dell laptop hung up so it tries to boot in Media Direct? How do you get it out ?


09-21-2010, 18:41
the limited reading i've done on media direct is that it's activated by a button.

perhaps, you've got a stuck button on your hands?

i also found this:

1. Turn off your computer
2. Hit the button shaped like a home (the Dell MediaDirect button).

(the button should be located either between the keyboard and the screen, or on the front lip of the lower part of the case)

it sounds like that button switches the bios from booting off the normal parition vs. the 'media direct' partition.

09-21-2010, 18:59
Yep. I talked to my friend and we held the "Home" button in for a few seconds and Windows came back... :upeyes: