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View Full Version : How to mount a Trijicon Red Dot to HK or Sig

09-22-2010, 17:50
I would like to mount a Trijicon red dot sight to either my HK USP .45 or my SIG-Sauer P226. I would like to do this by removing the rear sight and mounting the red dot in its place.

I have seen this done elsewhere, but I can't seem to find any place that actually sells the mounting apparatus.

Would appreciate some help understanding what I need to buy and how to mount it properly.


09-23-2010, 07:24
I have one of the Mini red dot sights on a shotgun and love it. One of the fastest trends I see is people putting them on pistols not only for comp and plinking but also for defensive handguns I like this trend and endorse it as well. As I see it you have 2 choices contact the manufacturer and ask if they make a mount for your particular firearm. The other choice is to see which mounting solution they have closest to you chosen pistols and have a good gunsmith mill the slide to fit that particular mount. I have seen mixed results with the second approach. As it can and I say can not will change the weight and dynamics of the slide.