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09-23-2010, 05:19
Bought an M&P9 for myself not long ago and an M&P9c for the wife. To make a long story short I loved the 9c so I've sold the fullsize and we now have 3 9c's courtesy of Grant at G&R Tactical. All have Meprolight night sights and the APEX sear & striker block. W/fullsize mags & X-grip adapter I have the same capacity as the fullsize when needed.

(From the top) Wife's 9c w/S&W Micro 90 light & flat bottom mag (her preference), my nightstand 9c w/fullsize mags & Micro 90 light and my CCW 9c w/fullsize reload in a Galco pocket mag carrier (sorry about the pic quality):

09-25-2010, 22:37
Nice family :)