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09-24-2010, 14:58
Has anybody having a problem with this? I have an automatic virus scan everyday at 3am and this morning at 8am it was still running!!!!!! It only takes 30mins. I got the scan to stop by turning off the computer, after I restarted, I did a manuel scan and after 2hrs it was stuck again. I reinstalled AVG again, but a little afraid to run another scan. Any ideas?

09-24-2010, 16:15
Never mind!! I ran AVG again after a re-install and it worked fine. Thanks, Jeff

Another Miller
09-25-2010, 14:48
I had it on my system for a long time.It started causing all sorts of problems,did not stop a particuliarly bad infection.

I had to pay a computer tech to come and remove it.I got rid of it completely and got another program that works better.If yours works fine,great.good luck.