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09-24-2010, 17:43
All these threads on trigger springs & connectors have my head spinning....

OK,I have a G36 & G21 I carry the 36 & the 21 is a nightstand gun fitted with a TLR2.

I would like to make the triggers a little stiffer (read safer).

I have some 3.5 - connectors & NY1 (olive colored) trigger springs.

IF I have this right,if installed I will have a slightly stiffer but also smoother trigger pull?

09-27-2010, 16:15
A stiffer trigger does not equate a safer pistol.
If you add a NY trigger spring it will change the "feel" to that of a double action revolver by exerting the same weight through out the entire length of the trigger pull. The NY8 & 3.5 connector combo is very popular. BTW: This is the same combo I keep on my G26. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with being any safer than any of my other triggers.