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09-28-2010, 16:19
If companies like Robar can manipulate and alter the shape of the polymer frame's grip area as extensively as they do, is there any reason they can't put a couple of grooves into the front of the subcompact Glock frame to give it a mini-rail functionality like the M&P and Xd have?

I asked Robar to consider it, and got an instant reply saying "No," but not saying why it wasn't possible. Their reply as so fast, they either considered it before already or simply didn't consider it at all when I brought it up.

If they considered it before, they didn't take time to tell me what the reason is that it can't be done.

Can it be done?

I'd like to be able to add this functionality to my G27. S&W and Springfield obviously thought it was worth doing. Or is it just a sales gimmick?



09-28-2010, 21:35
The standard Glock is smaller than the FGR Glock.
If you cut a grove in something.... you remove material.
You can not make something bigger by cutting it.