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09-30-2010, 12:52
i purchased my first remington 870 yesterday and in the 11 day waiting period, i have been doing some thinking. everyone says the downside of a pump shotgun is the "short stroke". how exactly do you clear that jam if it ever were to happen? i know how to clear jams out of my handguns, but this is the first shotgun i have ever personally owned, so want to know the ins and outs as much as possible.

09-30-2010, 13:35
I shoot 50-75 rounds a month through my shotguns. Moss 500, 590, and 870 in 3-gun and other range fun and have never had any issues. I am not sure how to cause or clear short strokes but you can avoid problems by handling the shotgun roughly. Pull it back hard and all the way and push it forward hard and all the way. It is very unlikely you are going to hurt it just using your hands so run it hard.

09-30-2010, 13:59
Short strokes usually result in a spent shell not fully ejected or the next shell not seated in the carrier fully or even a combination of both. There are probably several ways to clear it but on a stovepipe...I just rack the slide back and manually swipe away the shell.

On a double feed, I just rack the slide back and tilt the ejection port to the 6 o'clock position and dump them out. (or use my fingers if needed)

Pretty simple stuff really.

09-30-2010, 14:13
Pumps are made to rack like you have a pair. I have never short stroked a shotgun, never. If you have an issue with the 870 you will have a shell between the carrier and the breech bolt. This is the purpose of the flex tab so you can rack it back and clear the issue. Not possible before the flex tab conversion but is now. this is the only major change to the 870 in 60 years.

09-30-2010, 16:46
I'm a big guy, so in normal cirumstances I'm not worried about it but it's the forum commandos who gave me doubts and I just wanted to be prepared. Do any of you have links to reputable sites for custom forends?

09-30-2010, 16:51
The forend that comes on that weapon is the Speedfeed LE. There is no better forend out there. It also comes on all the 870 Police models with synthetic stocks and I feature it on my custome builds. Can't see why anything else would be wanted unless you want a dedicate forend light and then you go to (

09-30-2010, 17:34
Mine is the 870 security version. It had a different forend than the express

09-30-2010, 17:46
Yours is an Express and is ether the HD or Tactical version of the Express. The HD's and tacticals have the Speedfeed LE. They are all 870 Express Models. The Sporting ones have a new type that Speedfeed built to Remingtons Specs for them. I may have wrongly assumed the OP had the HD. I should have asked what he ment by "Custom Forend".

09-30-2010, 18:10
To clear up if you look up Remington 870 synthetic on the Remington website that is mine. It is the 7 + 1 18 inch variety from the big 5

09-30-2010, 18:57
Yes, that is the 25077 and the forend is the Speedfeed LE. If you look at all my custom built guns on my web site that is the only forend you will see other then the Surefire and the Remington forend on the 20ga models. Can't get better then the one that comes on your weapon.

09-30-2010, 22:27
awesome thank you sir

10-02-2010, 10:33
aippi has it right do not baby your gun rack it like you mean it -pull back on the forearm like you intend to puch yourself in the face andf you'll ahve no problem-when people short stroke I find one of a few things happen- A- they never eject the shell and feed the spent case-still under tension by the extractor- right in the chamber then trigger click no bang- rack again and you are in business. b-rack far enough to eject spent round but not enough to feed into chamber-same trigger pull result and same solution.