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09-30-2010, 20:33
hey Jr, when i put a round in the chamber and ease the slide down real easy it does not completly go all the way down. it like just a very little, and it will only do this when the gun is pointed straight up. but shoudnt it go on down no matter which way its pointed, and i know people tell me to just pull it back and let it go, but seems to me that if im not actually holding the slide back then it should automatically go all the forward. this is a 21 slimframe. thanks for all the help...oh by the way my last 21 did the same thing, and i sent it to glock and they sent me this one brand new, but it has the same problem, so im about to consider getting away from the 45 glocks. any suggestions on that either, cause i really like the 30 also

10-01-2010, 12:17
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the gun. You are describing self induced failures and blaming the gun of a malfunction.

1 Never drop a round into a Glock chamber and close the slide. This is a very bad thing to do to your Glock! You are forcing the extractor to jump over the cartridge rim. This action causes un-due stress on the extractor and is the leading cause of broken & chipped extractors. The Glock is designed to strip a round from the magazine. When a round is stripped from a mag, the rim of the cartridge slides behind the extractor as intended.

2 Let me illustrate self induced problem #2 this way: When I attempt to close the front door of my house I swing it every so gently and it fails to go into the jamb and latch shut...... Should I replace the door? No, you should push the door into the jamb and it will latch automatically.
Never let the Glock slide ease forward. It can and will fail to go into battery. When you pull back on the Glock slide it automatically compresses the recoil spring. When the spring reaches full compression it pushes the slide closed into battery (similar to a door latching). You are easing the slide forward and defeating the recoil spring of doing its job!

Stop the self destructive behavior and come over to the good side!

10-14-2010, 21:23
Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.