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10-01-2010, 14:08
Being that the G20 is one strong platform for the 10MM and comes with a 17# recoil spring, is shooting ammo from DT any harder on the spring/gun than most of the aviliable ammo from Hornady,Win. ? Or would a 20# spring be a better choice?

10-01-2010, 16:28
Watch the ejection pattern of your brass to determine the weight value of your current recoil spring. If your brass is flying out there at 10 foot plus I would increase the spring weight. If your brass is rolling off your knuckles I would reduce the spring weight. Ideally your looking for the brass to land about 4 feet away.
I can tell you each gun is different depending on loads. I have shot full house loads with a six inch solid slide using the factory recoil spring and performance was excellent!