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10-01-2010, 19:50
I've had a 19, a couple 23s', a 17, several 22s', a 27, a couple 21s, and a 30. All good guns, but nothing has compared to the 21SF. I have rather meaty hands, and the SF frame feels good without removing finger grooves or grip reductions. After applying a Talon grip, it's perfect. The first 10 rounds I fired at about 10 yards went in a group about 2" around, recoil was mild, and the factory trigger was great right out of the box. Now to add night sights, stock up on more mags, and a bunch of ammo. If I can find the right holster, this will be what has my back daily. I've been thinking an MTAC. :thumbsup:

10-13-2010, 17:01
Thanks for the report, the G21SF is awesome !

10-13-2010, 18:59
Never thought the G21 would be my favorite .45...My father saves my targets he is amazed at how a Glock can out do all my other nice .45's....Congrats, David

Jim S.
10-14-2010, 19:38
I carry my 21SF in a Crossbreed Supertuck.
Very comfortable and hides it well.

10-14-2010, 19:48
Never thought the G21 would be my favorite .45...

I know exactly what you mean. My first .45 was/is my Springfield Loaded stainless steel I bought 3 years ago. I picked up my first Glock about a year after that and really liked it but never knew just how much I'd love the G21 until I took a chance and bought one. A couple of the shooters at my IDPA match were running the G21 and and I was amazed and the gun's shootablity; and especially how the shooters were able to handle the recoil of the gun itself. I never would have believed a gun, made of plastic and that weighs 20 oz LESS than an all steel 1911, would shoot softer than that very 1911. I've bought other guns in other calibers but I always come back to my G21. Those that say you can't love a Glock are wrong, I love that gun!

10-16-2010, 10:42
Jim S. I saw in another thread you use the Wolff non-captured guide rod in your 21. How do you like it as opposed to a captured version? Also, have you tried different spring weights in it? I'm planning on putting a stainless rod in my gun, but there are so many to choose from these days that I haven't decided which to go with. I've used Lone Wolf rods in the past.

Jim S.
10-16-2010, 14:56
I like the non captured. It isn't any trouble and is more versatile for spring changes.
I haven't found the need to vary from the stock weight spring.
I've fired just about every brand and type of round out of her and the spring seems to be good for all of them.
I have over 13,000 rounds too, so I would think that if the stock weight spring wasn't quite right I would have found it by now.
I have tried several different rods in my Glocks and I think the Wolff rods and springs are the best quality of them all.
Just my humble opinion though.

10-16-2010, 23:32
Thanks, Jim
Good information. Now I'll go check the warp drive. :supergrin: