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View Full Version : XS small dot front with conventional rear sight??

10-02-2010, 15:56
Anyone tried this configuration? I love the tritium small dot front, but hate the express style rear. I have so much trigger time and "eye memory" with post and notch sights, that every time I throw up the xs sights, my brain gose...whaaa.
I have tried it out with my timer, and I am faster and way more accurate with conventional sights. However, having just spend $119 on them, I hate to trash the whole setup.
Will using the front dot with the factory rear on my 19 cause me to shoot low or high? anyone using this setup?

10-02-2010, 16:00
Jason I'm using an Ameriglo fiber optic red front with stock Glock rear, love them.

10-02-2010, 17:26
How high and how wide is the front?
It might be usable with one of the Heinie rears.