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10-03-2010, 06:04
Hi There, I own 3 Glocks total...two 19's and a 26...
I had by a Gun Shop install Ameriglos on my Gen 2 19, Im having trouble shooting with it,

At 10 yards it seems to be shooting like a foot below the target, My pattern is ok for left or right its just way low..

On the package its listed GL-147, Which it also says will fit the 19.. among other guns as well, Im kinda lost on what to do now, I dont really want to drop another 100 bucks to have the same thing happen again,

Its my favorite glock and it has just been sitting there, Beacuse Ive lost confidence in it, Im using the gun for home defense and at the range,

Is this problem fixable using these sights or should I just buy the Tru Glo's and be done with it, Or could you reccomend BETTER sights all together

Thank you for your Help

10-04-2010, 11:29
It may be your favorite Glock but if it doe not hit where the sights are its no good to you. You need to fix this. 1st find out if its you or the gun fire it off a rest for grouping while the sights are aligned on the center of the target. then call the manufacturer see what their sugestions are for a fix.

10-05-2010, 19:14
Thank You for your responce, I took the Gun down and had Tru Glow fiber optic sights put on it today, There not night sights but they are awesom, Went to the range after and its like having a whole new gun,

I also took my Gen 4 19 just to compare stock, and I shoot better with the new sights by a long shot, Not even close...I put the Gen 4 back in the bag untill I can
get the new sights on it, I dont make a dime on what anyone buys, But those are alot better than what I had,

Thanks for your input, I was just lost beacuse I dont consider myself a expert
by any means but would like to be able to hit the target somewhere close, I blew the center competly apart today from a standing position..


10-06-2010, 06:30
great job happy endings with centers of targets punched out are the best