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View Full Version : Reloading lead 10mm for the 610

10-05-2010, 15:06
I have a 4" 610 that suffers from terrible accuracy with all manner of factory ammunition.

I'm looking to work up an accurate plinking load, using Missouri Bullet Company's lead 180gr TCFPs and HP-38.

The problem is I can not find any published load data for lead on Hodgdon's website and I do not want to blow up the gun.

Does anyone have recommendations on an accurate lead load? I'm looking for something which will be pleasant shooting and accurate.

MSgt Dotson
11-01-2010, 09:20
I've used 5.8 gr of 231/HP-38 with 180 gr RNFP bullets, about 975 fps....; 6.1 gr charge from other manuals gives me about 50 fps more...