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10-06-2010, 20:32
I was at the range today. Gen 3 G26. From the holster drill... draw and click! Bad primer? Nope, not even a dent. Clear, draw and click! Clear and click! Nothin'. Nada. This is my carry gun and I had no hint that my srtiker was broken the last time out. Holy cow! Anyone know why this might have happened? I'd like to figure it out. I've ordered a new one, and a new spring, cups and sleeve, all factory. But what could have caused it?

I'm disconcerted, as this is my carry gun and I want to be able to rely upon it. If you've seen this before, or know what might be the real problem, I'd sure like your input. I've included a photo of the broken one from the 26 and an unbroken one from a 34, to show the difference. But, if you're familiar with the striker, the first photo's dramatic enough. Thanks for your help.



10-06-2010, 21:38
I really do not recall ever seeing a broken spade on a factory striker. I recommend you contact Glock Inc and provide the serial number of the pistol. It may help them track down a bad lot of strikers?
Odds are they will provide a new replacement

10-07-2010, 07:29
Just emailed Raphael in Smyrna. He and Fred are both really good about getting back to you with good information. I'll see what they say. I've ordered a new striker, spring, cups, and spacer sleeve, anyhow. Even if they decide to replace something, I'll feel better having the parts in my cleaning/tools/parts kit that I keep in the range bag.

It sure is weird, though. I've never heard of such a thing happening. I can't quite imagine even HOW it would happen.

10-08-2010, 09:15
Talked with Glock on the phone and the fellow there was just as perplexed. He said, "That's odd. Our parts are... robust! Why don't you send it in?" Robust! That means tough as nails, right? So, the whole slide assembly, barrel, recoil spring and all went back to Smyrna yesterday. He thought it odd enough that the armorer there might just want to go through the whole thing and see what the cause might be. We'll see.

10-08-2010, 09:32
On a side note: We (LWD) break off the striker spades on all our show guns. This way our customers can feel a trigger job and be completely safe from an AD. This kinda makes us pros at breaking the strikers and I can honestly tell you they are very tough. Its pretty hard to believe one could break on its own?