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10-06-2010, 21:50
Gonna start buying a couple of boxes of ammo for my 6920 (1/7 twist) a month. What is the difference in the Win 5.56 (white box) and say, Remington .223 FMJ? The Wolf is $2 a box cheaper. After I bought 4 boxes of Wolf I could get an extra box with the money I saved.
Is the Win 5.56 that much better? Is it better than other standard .223FMJ? If you say yes, why?
For you info, this is only stocking ammo, for "just in case". But it could be used for self defense someday, if the worst ever happened.

Reb 56
10-06-2010, 22:04
Wolf is at the bottom of my list of ammo I would use.

Trigger Finger
10-06-2010, 22:56
Allot of people don't like Wolf but it has always worked fine out of my two Colt ARs. Accurate and feeds well and the cost is great. I think out of about 1000 rounds I have had about 6 or 8 misfires. I still buy about 500 rounds at a time. I like the 62 gr FMJ.

10-07-2010, 06:16
Reb, please tell me why? I know there is better ammo, but is it so much better that it is worth the price diff?

Randy from Kansas
10-07-2010, 06:28
I don't use Wolf very often, it leaves a black slug that is hard to clean and I have had problems with stuck shell cases when fired in a hot barrel. But if money is tight and I am needing to restock my ammo supply I have purchused Wolf in bulk at Centerfire systems. I prefure Stiller & Belloit but its been out of my price range for some time now and I am getting low and needing to order another 1000.

Zombie Steve
10-07-2010, 07:24
If you're serious about stacking something for defense, Wolf is the wrong stuff.

Fragmentation is the wounding mechanism for fmj .223 / 5.56mm. The bullet Wolf uses has a pretty thick jacket = very little fragmentation.

Here's some other considerations:

10-07-2010, 09:15
Buy the winchester stuff and stock it away and buy the Wolf stuff to practice with. I have used Brown Bear with great results and it is even cheaper then Wolf. I buy Brass case stuff to stock away for a rainy day or Three Gun match and use steel cased stuff for practice.


10-07-2010, 20:29
Shot a pile of Winchester and Wolf out of my COLT Hbar. No problems with either load. Currently have about 2 cases of Rem. 55gr. FMJ in the locker. It is have excellent in every way. Use whatever floats your boat.