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10-09-2010, 14:28
I have experienced the many benefits of Lone Wolf mods for lighter trigger pull, recoil reduction, minimizing trigger travel etc. -but now I want to compete in GSSF with a stock G 17 -- what are my options when purchasing Glock parts for GSSF competition in stock class? What factors or functions have to be addressed to minimize trigger pull? Is the Glock 34 3.5 lb connector compatible with a G 17 and if so is it availalbe at Lone Wolf?

10-10-2010, 22:06
If you plan to run in GSSF your gun should stay "as issued". Unfortunately the G17 never was offered with a 3.5 connector.
FYI: The connectors in all Glock pistols fit all Glock models. LWD connectors fit all Glock models