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10-11-2010, 21:57
Good Day

I'm looking for economical practice ammo in .223. I have found the best .223 prices with silver bear, wolf and Tulammo with a 1000 case starting at $199. Before the "ammo crisis" I was able to pick up Lake City ammo for a more economical price than is offered now, but those prices are no where in sight now.

As we have all learned in the past..."you get what you are paying for"... I am looking for feedback from you if you have used any of these three brands of ammo in .223. Was it extra dirty? Primer issues? FTF or FTE issues that you feel were ammo related etc? Or maybe you have a glowing review?

Please share.


10-16-2010, 02:16
Someone here must have some feedback...

Trigger Finger
10-16-2010, 03:57
I use Wolf 223 ammo in 62 grain FMJ and like it allot. It functions very good in both of my Colt AR15s and is accurate. Out of every approx 1000 rounds of this ammo I may have about 8 or 10 FTF. Very acceptable IMO. It is a little dirty and sometimes smells but all in all it's fine.

I will continue to buy it, primarily for the cost. I keep about 1200 rounds on stand by with this ammo.

10-18-2010, 20:16
I'd stay away from Tula, maybe Wolf black box. Silver & brown bear are good to go.

10-22-2010, 03:42
Thanks trigger finger and anyplainjoe for sharing.

Anyone else have any input or suggestions for an alternative for economical range ammo?

10-25-2010, 21:14
I have run through 300-400 rounds of the TulAmmo fodder in the past few weeks. I have experienced zero malfunctions, and its accuracy seems to be on a par with Wolf/Silver Bear/Barnaul loads. Fun for practice & plinking!

The local Academy Sports store is running a special on its "Monarch" brand ammo: $3.99/20. I bought all they'd let me buy (400 rounds). I'll comment on it after my next range session.

10-25-2010, 22:11
i dont mind any of the above i get whats cheapest yet to have bad rounds, but figure if i do ill use it for malfunction clearing training

10-25-2010, 22:20
I have fired a pile of WOLF 5.56mm in my COLT Hbar. It functions perfectly. Accuracy is the same as other ball ammo.