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10-14-2010, 14:19
Are either of these two magazines preban (Pre-1994)?

10-14-2010, 16:15
Yep, pre-ban for sure. You can tell a pre-ban easily because the caliber is stamped high on the mag.

10-14-2010, 16:27
Any way to confirm this for sure? I just need to know with 100% certainty with living in NY.

10-14-2010, 18:11
Good point. Let me re-state this once again. When the caliber markings are centered between the top of the mag and the round count holes there is no doubt the mag was manufactured before the ban.

The caliber designation on these magazines are next to the top so it is apparent Glock Inc was making room for the restrictive warning. The issue at hand is if it will be considered pre-ban? Did Glock Inc make the move pre Sept-94 or post? As long as Glock Inc does not make an official statement regarding the exact date the high stamped magazines were manufactured you have a good chance the mags will still be considered pre-ban. Unfortunately there has not been a test case regarding the high stamped magazines.

If there were restrictions stamped below the caliber there would be no doubt it was manufactured post ban.