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10-15-2010, 12:57
Hi JR, This is in regards to the 3 pack trigger spring kit, consisting of the competiton (heavier pull) trigger spring, and reduced power striker (firing pin) spring, and the reduced power firing pin safety spring.
I see that I can buy the heavier pull trigger spring by itself, or buy the kit of 3.
I have the 3.5lb connector installed; will the installation of the heavier pull trigger spring, or the entire kit for that matter, be a wise choice for my carry G20C? I like the idea of a really light trigger pull, though I'm satisfied with what the 3.5lb connector has already done, but curious if the difference will be that much or if installing bits and pieces of these springs will ruin an already perfect firearm?, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

thanks JR, as always

10-18-2010, 20:26
This is the beauty of the Glock series pistols. The spare parts are really inexpensive and easy to install or remove!
Pick up the extra parts and try them out. If you like them your good to go, if not, try some more. Eventually your going to run into a combination you like.

10-28-2010, 18:54
Hi JR, I got the springs in the mail and had them installed in about 20 minutes in my G20C. I absolutely could not believe the difference.. it's not a hair trigger but it's
extremely light, easy pull, excellent stop upon firing and easy reset. I installed the 4# firing pin spring and the 6# trigger spring. I could not be happier, ...for less than ten bucks I've got an easy pull trigger that feels perfect! Thanks LWD!

10-28-2010, 20:36
Glad to hear you took my advise. The parts are cheap so it pays to have all of them available for T&E. Once you play with them all you can make an educated decision as to a favorite combo!