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10-16-2010, 10:20
I decided that my next pistol was going to be a Les Baer Comanche. In doing research and getting opinions from a few, I narrowed it down to either a TRS or a Custom Carry. I guess I should say that no matter which I chose, it was going to get an STI long carbon trigger, and Brown ambi's put on. Oh, and also a Hardhat metal treatment finish. Really, with the changes I was going to do, it was a toss up between the two pistols. The TRS won simply because it came with an extra magazine, pure and simple. I am ordering it through Dave Severns, who will also be doing the work on it when it comes in. He called Les, and was informed that NO Comanche TRS's are being produced as of now and it is being dropped from the line all together. Not all TRS's, just the Comanche. So, Dave called me, and we simply switched to ordering a Custom Carry comanche. No big deal. I've ordered it with totally slick slide sides, and with the hard hat treatment, it will be a rich matte black when done. I will probably put dark grips on it for that all business look. Now the typical 14-18 week wait begins. I'm hoping for sooner, but time will tell. It will be shorter than the almost 40 week wait for the last Fusion I'm sure.
Anyway, I'll now be hounded and tortured by LB CC pics from now until the day it is delivered. I look at the waiting as a blessing though, as there are many less fortunate who have much bigger and more "real" problems than simply waiting on a new pistol to arrive. The wait is just proof that I lead a fortunate and blessed life.
Now, you can start the torture with your pictures. :supergrin:

10-16-2010, 10:35
Here's mine.

Any idea why they're discontinuing the Commanche?

10-16-2010, 10:40
That's a very nice looking pistol right there!
Sorry, but I really don't know why they are discontinuing the TRS comanche. Dave tried to talk him into building just one more for me, but it went over like a lead brick. I don't much understand why they're discontinuing just that model of comanche as they are pretty similar across the board except for minor tweaks and touches. It's much like I didn't understand why it was such an arm twisting thing to get them to make a comanche TRS without the hard chrome. I don't know what made it model specific.
Thanks for the pic. That is one that I will refer back to often in this wait. She's beautiful!

PS - I just reread your post - They are not discontinuing ALL comanche's, just the TRS model.

10-16-2010, 11:21
the wait will suck but itll all be worth it

10-16-2010, 13:46
Copy all.

Thanks for the response, Sarge. The wait time will pass more quickly than you think and your build is going to be a spectacular gun.