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10-16-2010, 11:41
930 SPX Tri-Rail from Aimpro
I received the new rail for the 930 SPX from Mike Shain at Aimpro today. Here are some pics.
The rail arrived in a sealed plastic sleeve, wrapped in shipping foam in a heavy cardboard box.
The package includes the rail assembly and 12 soft rail ladder covers.
Bottom view of the rail assembly. End closest to camera is the receiver end.
Muzzle end view of the rail. This view shows the collar that fits the rail to the barrel lug/piston collar.
Side view of muzzle end of the rail assembly. Screws secure the collar inside the rail body.
Looking inside the rail body, from the receiver end towards the muzzle end.

10-16-2010, 11:42
Receiver end of the rail body.
930 prepared for installation of the rail assembly.
Rail installed on the 930 prior to the mounting of the extension nut.
Extension and TLR installed.
Close-in view of rail with TLR.
Top view.

10-16-2010, 11:42
Right side.
Left side.

10-16-2010, 12:40
I Like this,

10-16-2010, 16:07
That's an awful lot of rail! Especially with a little TLR-1 on there. Truthfully, at least for my purposes, I cannot fathom the need for that much rail on this gun. It already has a rail on top of the receiver to mount a red-dot if one wants to. All you need is a spot for a white light, and that should pretty much do the job. But, to each their own. Hope it works well for you.

10-16-2010, 17:57
No problem.
As far as the whole need thing goes, that's a slippery slope to go down. Sometimes it really doesn't matter what someone needs on their firearm. Some people buy their firearms and items to put on them because they simply want it. Not everything about or on a firearm has to be a need.
Some people may need that much rail, or at least the ability to put stuff in a variety of locations. Some people may simply want it. If you think that's too much rail, you should look at the ETA Bulldozer rail. 6 linear feet of rail if it was all laid out end to end. Does anybody need that much rail? I doubt it. But there are people that want it and buy it.
I don't know how many people I've had ask me when this railed forearm replacement or one like it was coming out. So while there may not be a lot of people that need it, there are at least quite a few that want it.
All I have on there right now is the TLR; doesn't mean that that is all that is ever going to be on there. There is room for a breacher/lowoutput light on the other side, a VFG/AFG underneath, and a laser if one were desired. The rail gives the user options as far as what can be put on, and where it can be put.
As far as what others need, I leave that to them to decide. Just because one individual has a certain set of needs does not mean that everyone else has those same needs.
I have no doubt it will work out for me, it already is. I put this post here because there are people that want/need one, and this post will allow them to see it, and ask questions about it before buying one so they can make an informed decision without spending their money.

ETA: The Bulldozer-


10-17-2010, 19:23
How much does it weigh? or differential to the stock forearm?

10-17-2010, 19:37
I won't be able to weigh it until I can get to the dope scales at work tomorrow or Tuesday. However, Mike said that the rail runs about 14.5 ounces, for a net gain of 9-10 ounces more than the factory plastic forearm. It is obviously slightly heavier, but with the location it is not very noticeable.

Here's some pics of the rail/reciver interface at the bottom:

OEM unit.

OEM with m24 modification.

Aimpro rail.

There's a technical "feature" that I was wondering about that Mike gave me a little info on that I'll be posting about once I get a chance to check it. If you notice in the interior pic there are some cuts at the front in the collar or plug. Those are gas bleed off chambers. Mike advised that they've actually seen some improvement in shotguns that don't cycle low power loads with the rail installed. If it works as I've been informed, there will be a lot of people that could take advantage of not just having a railed forearm but also a more reliable shotgun.
As for the utility of that much rail, here's another use that someone mentioned to me. At a 3 gun match there was a shooter using an offset side-mounted RDS for slug use at long range. The exact same concept as used on carbines and rifles, and she was making hits at 120 yards. The guy asked about mounting an RDS to the Tri-Rail, so I slapped one on there. So another use for the rails.




Deployment Solu
10-17-2010, 20:31
Thats a lot of rail!!!!!

10-17-2010, 21:07

Where do you get a sling attachment like what is on the buttstock there?

10-17-2010, 21:39
Right here: http://www.gearsector.com/browse/category/adapters/fixed-stock-adapters

M1A Shooter
10-17-2010, 23:01
have wondered why something like this didnt already exist? looks great!

10-18-2010, 04:30
thank you very much sir :thumbsup:

10-18-2010, 10:17
That does look cool. For those that may complain that its too much rail... its really no different than a quad rail on an M4. Using every square inch of rail is not the point. Options to locate stuff is the point so if you only have a light and a bunch of rail covers...I am all for it.

10-18-2010, 11:00
It also gives you some easier options on sling mounts and the like, not a bad setup at all really. I am looking for ideas on my 930 HD, I need an extension, and I might just need that forend as well.

10-18-2010, 11:30
Hey bullman, that video is pretty funny.

Hey pig! 911, woo woo woo woo

10-18-2010, 11:47
You're exactly right. I don't have a pic of it, but I've got a sling point on the left side of the rail.
The Tri-Rail offers options. It may be a case of wanting more locations to put one or a few items, as opposed to loading up the rails with every conceiveable item.
Depending on the sling used, the rail offers the user the entire length of the rail to mount the forward sling point. A three point user may want the sling all the way forward, while an adjustable two point user may want it in closer to the reciever.
The rail is about 11" long, which is just under the length of a standard rifle rail handguard, and it is only three rails as opposed to the 4 usually found on AR type rail systems.
There have been a few outfits working on this. AFAIK, Aimpro is the first to actually put one in production. The ETA Bulldozer has been out for a while, but is a different rail with a different intent and focus. I've also been surprised that it has taken this long for one to come out. That said, I think the Aimpro model has been worth the wait.

10-18-2010, 15:14
Hey bullman, that video is pretty funny.

Hey pig! 911, woo woo woo woo

that was a long time ago, I just put up a new video from my sordid law enforcement past http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJYsX1YGiGA

I kinda wonder if there is enough weight forward if you had a single point hooked up right at the closest point to the receiver if it would hang right. I guess what a fella should do is just get the stock adapter and go with a quick adjust two point or three point.

10-18-2010, 17:00
I will check that out tomorrow since I will probably home with a sick kid again. I don't think there will be enough weight forward. The receiver plate would be the best way to set that up.

10-18-2010, 18:19
I have tried the receiver end plate deal and don't really care for it in a Mossberg application. I can be just about as happy with a 2 point as anything anyway, and this looks like a great way to do that.

10-19-2010, 13:26
Bull, I tried the single point mounted at the rear of the rail. It works, but just barely. With an empty mag tube the CG is just forward of that point, so it tilts forward on the singly point mount there. With rounds in the tube it would be better. So that may possibly be another option for you still.

10-19-2010, 23:40
that's good to know. I need to start throwing some money at my 930HD.

10-21-2010, 13:45
Thanks for the review. Are these being sold yet or are they still in R&D/Production? If being sold, do you have a link?

10-21-2010, 15:49
They are currently available at $149 plus shipping. Mike said they wont be on the website for another week or so. You can call in your order at 303-838-0200.

ETA: When they do show up on the site I would guess that they would be listed on this page somewhere:

10-21-2010, 15:50
I just had them weighed. An OEM forearm is 6 ounces and the aluminum Tri-Rail is 17 ounces.

10-22-2010, 09:07
Thank you M24.

10-25-2010, 13:13
No problem.
Aimpro has the rails listed on their site now.

10-27-2010, 14:39
Thanks for the link.

I was hoping that this rail system would do away with the need for the forearm retainer, but in your assembly picture it looks like you still have it on the firearm. I've managed to break two of them in normal use already. Seems like a weak link in the 930 assembly.

Now we just need a modification to allow for a shorter (11.5 - 12") LOP stock...

10-29-2010, 09:33
JS-I've heard of some people having problems with the retainer.
A short LOP stock would be nice, but that is going to involve replacing or modifying the action spring assembly.

Here are some comparison pics between the OEM and Aimpro forearms. I will post the actual measurements in the full review. As you can see, the railed unit does not add much in terms of height and width.



11-14-2010, 12:19
The Sidearmor shell carrier.



11-14-2010, 13:51
Nice. Do they stay in place well, under 00-buck recoil?

11-14-2010, 15:50
So far: yes. BUT- it is still new. I haven't had it long, and I haven't put a lot of rounds through the gun with it on yet.
If it doesn't work, I will try the expedient of tape on the inside of shell slots to see if that helps. Either way, I'll advise of any negatives with it.

11-15-2010, 10:27
So far: yes. BUT- it is still new. I haven't had it long, and I haven't put a lot of rounds through the gun with it on yet.
If it doesn't work, I will try the expedient of tape on the inside of shell slots to see if that helps. Either way, I'll advise of any negatives with it.

Can the shells be stored in the saddle? I've got the Mesa Tactical side saddle, but found out after the fact that you can't store shells in it, defeating the purpose of why I got it. The rubber insert will deform and MT says it's only designed to hold shells in a 'duty' cycle, pop them in and take'em out end of day.

May remove my MT and go with this if it works.

11-15-2010, 14:09
At this point, I can't say definitively. I haven't had it for very long.
Basically, the retention is by two means: the closeness of the fit between the shell slots and the shell and the pressure on the wall of the shell by the detents. There is not tubing, and the metal doesn't alow a degree of flex as with the nylon type holders.
I haven't had it long enough yet to see how well the detents do for holding the shells in the carrier over a long period of time and under the recoil of the shotgun. I have slipped a small length of tape inside the shell slots just to see if it would possibly help increase the tension on the shells in the carrier. The shells will still go in with a strip of tape, and there is more resistance so if the detents do soften up the tape strip may be an expedient way down the road.
So far it is doing well and the shells are staying in the carrier. Again, this isn't a long term finding yet and time will tell.

08-12-2013, 22:28
Does anyone know if this quad rail still available? I checked the website & it's under construction!:cool:

08-17-2013, 00:33
The Sidearmor shell carrier.


That's WAY cool. I didn't know they made em for rails! I had to make my own =(


Mine stay put, though.