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View Full Version : 11-coil G22 Mag Springs in older mags?

10-17-2010, 20:25
Posted this over in the GG forum early this morning because I couldn't get this forum to load for me. No one's answered over there, so I figure I'll ask it here. (Sorry for the double post...)

I ordered some mag springs that came 11-coil and see that it says they're for 'G22 newer mags', 'G22 pistols with lights attached', or 'G17 mags with +2 bases'. The 10-coil springs are for 'older and LEO-marked mags'. I have mainly LEO marked mags. Are these going to work fine? (I wasn't sure if the older mags could handle the pressure of the extra coil? Or why wouldn't they just sell all 11-coil mag springs now?)

10-18-2010, 18:08
You can use them in the newer mags if you like. If you don’t use the light you don’t need the extra coil.
The older mags will handle the extra coil too, no worries. If there is an issue it will be with the follower fit. You may have to upgrade followers to current issue.
They still offer the 10 coil mags because its all most shooters will ever need.