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10-18-2010, 22:23
Hello JR,

I recently asked you a question about a G37 conversion to .40 cal. I took possession of the G37 and have fallen in love with it. You also asked me to look at the trigger bar on the G37 to see if it was an "old style" trigger bar. So I took the slides off of my G19 and G37 and compared the two trigger bars. The only differences I can see is that there is a slight "bump" on the top of the piece that depresses the safety plunger on the slide. This particular G37 is a Gen 3 and it has a '06-'07 birthday. I will try and provide pics to show the difference. Do you think this particular trigger bar needs replacing?



10-19-2010, 17:58
The G37 is the same size frame as the G17/22 however the G37 trigger bar, part number 3608 is unique to the G37. It can not use a G17,22 trigger bar part number 357
The G38 is the same size frame as the G19/23 however the G38 trigger bar, part number 4497 is unique to the G38,39. It can not use a G19,23 trigger bar part number 2303