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View Full Version : Carbonite Users: can I use it as a remote hard drive?

10-23-2010, 08:12
I use my Mac Mini for video editing and I'm rapidly approaching a full hard drive.

If I were to start using carbonite can I backup my extra video clips, then erase them off of my hard drive and still have access to them in the future? Or will it just duplicate the hard drive each time it backs up, even if it means erasing out files that are no longer on the internal drive?

Otherwise I'm looking at needing at least a 2 tb drive, carbonite seemed like a better answer.

10-23-2010, 13:01
I don't know the answer to your question about carbonite, but even if you have a fiber optic or cable connection, it's going to take a loooooong time to upload video clips, unless they are extremely small, like under big are the files you typically work on?

I'd bet a Firewire external drive would be your best bet.

filthy infidel
10-23-2010, 14:34
Some of my clients have had a very bad experience with Carbonite- lost data, partial data loss, inability to retrieve, etc.

Being that you can get a TB of storage for $100, I'd keep it onsite and be able to access it much faster, like the doc says.

10-23-2010, 23:44
My clips run from a few seconds to about a minute. On rare occasions I'll have longer stuff.

The biggest problem with a firewire hard drive is that my camera plugs to my only firewire port.

10-24-2010, 01:52
what free ports does your mac mini have on it?

usb external 2tb drives aren't unreasonably priced these days, and the speed isn't that bad. it's not as fast as firewire 800 (usb2 is about 480m/s iirc), but should be sufficient to stream video from.

you can also get a firewire hub, so you can connect both your camera and disk at the same time, but you probably won't get stellar write rates to the external disk from the camera since they're on the same bus.

10-24-2010, 09:47
The only open USB port I have is the cable I use for still cameras and whatnot, I like having it available when I need it. Although upgrading my keyboard would allow me to plug the mouse into it and free up a port.

Firewire is used only for video capture so a hub might be a good option.

Other than that it's the SD card slot (on the BACK, all that engineering to crank out a very cool little device and then they put the SD slot on the BACK?!?)

10-24-2010, 13:37
Two Words WaveTrain75:


Be sure you read the Carbonite TOS - You will find your answer there regarding using this backup service as a hard drive...

I agree with others that getting the external drive will serve you much better.

Pick up the USB Hub at the same time... Problem(s) solved!


10-24-2010, 15:51
That's nuts that a 2 tb hard drive is $110. Any of them you recommend to buy or avoid?

10-24-2010, 17:00
personally, i like western digital drives and seagates.

the reality is, it's a mechanical device and they can fail at any time. i've worked with enough drives from just about every manufacturer and seen them all fail at some point.

your selection should be based on your budget and what kind of interface you're looking for, usb or firewire or esata (i dunno if the mac mini has that option or not).

do this tho, sign up for 's email news letters. you'll see them come up on sale and get some ridiculous low prices. they send out emails about 3 times a week.

newegg has a great sortable selection of drives, one really handy feature is being able to sort by user ratings. along with being able to search only for drives with certain sizes and interfaces and manufacturers.